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Steps and benefits of converting your home in a rental property

Reported by the American Association of Realtors, the average citizen invest U S 7 houses during their entire lifetime. Personally, we are to the 7 houses, which for the rest of our lives come up with should hold monthly revenue and long-term financial security for our families.

The typical method that we follow is to sell the House, the we in live and use the funds from the sale, buy a brand new House. What I recommend is to use the current process. If we rotate something the old procedure, it may end up in a huge difference in our financial and our economic security.

I suggest that in addition to the sale of your home only refinance it, and use the money from the refinancing as a rate on your next home. Well, you have two homes in possession and turn right into a tenement house, only your old home. It is almost as easy as 1 2 3.

Turn the 3 steps to your home in a traditional town house

(1) Finance the place.

(2) Use money as a down payment, a House to buy the refinancing.

(3) Moving into the new House and rents from the old House.

Turn your home into a rental house the two immediate advantages

1. You have the most current source of income, the of, in the form of rent controls. These proceeds presented regular working hours building a new layer of security, as it is not on you, but it is pour, even if you lose your regular employment continue.

2. Previously, you had only one House, that on average each year increased 5% in value. For example, would a $200,000-increase House value to $ 300,000 over 10 years for an income of $ 100,000. If you have two houses, would complement your profit to US$ 200,000 over ten years.

How did an additional pension fund deposit without retired - only better!

You from the job exceeds with rental houses far the benefit of the pension, get. I worked for the State of Arizona for 13 years, and I will pay sooner or later a pension of approximately $1,000 per month. But guess what? Every year the value will decrease my pension, because it is bound not to inflation. So, after 10 years, I'll still get $1,000 a month, but due to inflation, it could in reality only in the value of $100 per month, because the cost of my food, my clothes, health care and other costs have gone every year.

The best pension offer rental houses. If I buy $1,000 per month in rent income, it holds not only with inflation, although it exceeds inflation. Would the pension program your prefer? Type in value over the years, or to increase the reduction in the value?

Why do not I my house to a House long ago?

Even if you buy only a rental property in the course of your life, your economic picture will be better soon. You will be getting questions, as I have done, "why I do that very long ago?"

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