Monday, July 25, 2011

How to Install Installous on iPad [Tutorial]

In this article we are going to deal with a tutorial that guides you to Install Installous on iPad. Before dealing with this, let us initially check out what is Installous and later we can check How to Install Installous on iPad.

What is Installous?

Installous is an exciting app that was created by which allows you to use the full version trails of all apps found in AppStore and is found in Cydia. In simple words, Installous 4.0 app allows the users to install cracked iOS apps on their jailbroken iPad for free.

How does Installous Work?

Well, Installous works in a similar fashion as Torrents. When we open the app, we get a pop up saying “You have an app that Apptrakr doesn’t. We will add the application to the queue in the background”

If you select “Yes”, the app starts uploading fragments of the application on the cloud. At the end, from the hundreds of other Installous users, the cracked app is made available on the Apptrackr.

The procedure to install Installous on iPad is different from installing any other regular iOS apps from Cydia.

Procedure : How to Install Installous on iPad

  1. To begin with the procedure to install installous on iPad, AppSync should be installed on the jailbroken iDevice. This patches the mobile installation file on the iPad, which allows installing .ipa files without iTunes.
  2. Now the user can initiate Cydia and then select “Manage” tab at the bottom.
  3. Now go to “Source”, then “Edit” and finally select “Add”. Here the user is prompted to enter an URL. Type and select “Add Source”. The rest of the necessary settings will be installed by Cydia.
  4. After you install installous on iPad, the users can search for Installous and then install it.

Now .ipad files can be installed on the jailbroken iPad. Also the users can install cracked apps on the iDevice.

install installoud on ipad 3 How to Install Installous on iPad [Tutorial]

After installing installous on iPad, this is the procedure to install various apps from iStore. But you need to install few files which will make your job much easier.

  1. Open “Cydia” and Click on “Manage” (on the bottom)
  2. The Click on “Sources” followed by “ Repository”.
  3. Install “AppSync” for your current version of iOS, it is compatible for almost all versions.
  4. Then Install “Hackulous Security and Installous”.
  5. Finally, Install the “Source Graphical User Interface(GUI)”

After installing required package files using Cydia, you’ll find new app “Installous” on your device which allows you to download your favorite apps and games from iStore quite easily. This, after you install installous on iPad, you need download the package files which makes your job easy.

Using Installous now you can search and install your favorite iPad apps and Games.

This is how, you can install installous on iPad and enjoy the cracked apps on your iPad.

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