Monday, July 25, 2011

How to Use MediaCoder Transcoder/Converter

MediaCoder is one of the best free video converters as it can convert from almost any video format to another. It’s fast and is very flexible with its conversion settings.

As we are now using MediaCoder in our video conversion guides for our gadgets (i.e. mobile phones), I have made a general tutorial on how to use MediaCoder . This would help novice and first time users in using the software.

Why Use MediaCoder?

MediaCoder when first launched or opened, looks like it’s difficult to use because of the several panes, tabs, icons, and buttons of the software. Although video conversion is not an easy task in itself, these could confuse the user and divert his/her attention on the few core steps needed to convert their videos.

However, these several buttons and icons are there because MediaCoder has powerful conversion features which we can take advantage of. MediaCoder can be used to convert almost any video format into another with the specifications we want which makes it ideal for our video conversion needs.

How To Use MediaCoder graphic01

Using MediaCoder is actually very easy to use once we know the fundamental steps on converting videos (as mentioned above). After this guide, I’m pretty sure with just a few uses, you’ll want to get more out of your video conversion and use these “confusing” buttons and icons.

Download and Install MediaCoder

MediaCoder can be downloaded from their official website at Just follow the link I’ve just provided and it would take you to their official download page. Be sure to download the MediaCoder Full Edition. Be sure to choose as well the right kind of installation file for your system (if 32-bit or 64-bit). If you’re unsure what kind of installation to use, you can safely choose the 32-bit installation as it works for the 64-bit as well.

If for some reason, you can’t find the download link from their site (as it’s sometimes hard to find), I’ve uploaded the installation files myself. MediaCoder would update you if you if an update is available.

MediaCoder Version 0.7.3 build 4616

MediaCoder Version 0.7.3 build 4602

MediaCoder Version 0.7.2 build 4570

MediaCoder will need an active Internet connection while installing as it will still download the necessary files for it to work.

How To Use MediaCoder graphic02

How to Use MediaCoder Transcoder

1. Open or Launch MediaCoder Transcoder

Below is what you should see when you open MediaCoder.

When you don’t immediately see the screenshot above when you open MediaCoder, check your taskbar and click the MediaCoder icon.

2. Add the File for Conversion

Using the “Add” icon in the upper left corner, you can add a video file you want to convert, or even select multiple files for conversion.

Alternatively, you can just drag and drop files into the upper left pane to add files for conversion (highlighted with a red box below)

How To Use MediaCoder graphic05

Once you’ve successfully added a file for conversion, it should be listed like below:

How To Use MediaCoder graphic06

3. Locate the Settings Tabs

For lack of a better term, I just named the place where you would enter the specifications or settings for conversion as the “Settings Tabs” (as it consists of various tabs). It’s located at the middle left portion. It’s highlighted with a red box in the screenshot below.

Each tab consists of various conversion settings specific for a certain function. Every time something is changed on the Settings Tabs, the “Summary” located at the right side would show it.

4. Indicate the Conversion Settings

Since we already know that the Settings Tabs is where we need to specify the conversion settings, we just need to indicate the specific conversion settings for it to be playable on your gadget.

Below are the links of the different conversion settings specific for your gadget.

Convert Movies and Videos for the Nokia N97 and N97 Mini
Convert Movies and Videos for the Nokia 5530 XpressMusic
Convert Movies and Videos for your Nokia E75
Convert Videos and Movies for your Sony Ericsson G705
Convert Videos and Movies for your Nokia E90
Convert Movies and Videos for your Nokia E66
Convert Movies and Videos for your Nokia E63
Convert Movies and Videos for your Nokia 5800
Convert Movies / Videos for your Sony Ericsson P1i
Convert Movies and Video Files for your Nokia E71 / E61 / E61i

5. Start Converting your Video or Movie

Once you’ve finished specifying the conversion settings just click on the Start Icon located at the top right to start converting your video.

Note: The converted or output video file is saved at the same folder of the source file by default. If you want to change it, just go to the General tab at the “Settings Tabs” mentioned earlier to choose a different folder.

There you have it! I’ve just showed you how to use MediaCoder to convert your videos. Just wait for your video to be fully converted and then transfer it to your gadget and it can now be played there. It’s really very easy and I’m sure you’ll be converting like a pro in no time.

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