Monday, July 25, 2011

Get Genuine Windows 7 Beta Product Keys

How To Get Genuine Windows 7 Beta Product Keys? - Windows 7 was released last week, and Microsoft had to scale their infrastructure to take care of the unexpected traffic, they also delayed the released of theproduct keys that could be used to activate and use Windows 7.

However the keys are not available for download and users need to follow the steps given below to download the beta keys.

Step 1: Load the Microsoft Technet website.

Step 2: Click the Sign in link in the upper right corner and login using your Microsoft Passport ID. (,,, etc.)

Step 3: Copy the link below (Right click the link and click on copy link address), based on the OS type you downloaded or plan to download.
Windows 7 Beta 32-Bit key
Windows 7 Beta 64-bit key

There may be times when you may see a error on loading the link, just hit the refresh button in your browser, till you see the key.
If you are looking to download a copy of Windows 7 Beta in ISO format, use the following links.

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