Monday, July 25, 2011

Ultimate Blogging Tips For Students

Blogging becomes a great profession and many started blogging now, I can see many students started a blog for sharing their knowledge, developing the skills and also to earn some income. I will say blogging need some special skills and time management is really important with proper strategy.
In this Article I will give some Blogging tips to students from my personal experience.

#1. Go to School/ College

First thing everyone says is school/College Regularly. Studies is Important for everything. Get Good marks and clear your studies without any arrears.

school bus Ultimate Blogging Tips For Students

#2. Investment

If you are new to blogging I will say go for the blogger platform, where you can learn and test without investing any high cost, as a student you may spend few bucks which can be utilized for purchasing the domain. Custom Domain is better option rather than going to Sub-domain. Pick up the blogger platform which is free to host your blog. In WordPress you need to invest some decent money to get better hosting and good uptime so that you can run your blog without any problems

investment Ultimate Blogging Tips For Students

#3. Smart Work and Time Management

As a Student you can get lots of topics to write, don’t hesitate to discuss with your friends and teaches you may get some new ideas which will helpful for creating an article. Keep a proper and separate time for blogging and studies. Don’t do both at same time. Don’t worry about frequent posting, even if you post 2 or 3 articles per week, post a killer article that gains you good traffic.
During Exam days ask for Guest Articles and make your blogger friends to post yours. Don’t hesitate to ask, all bloggers are kind Hearted Person they will understand your position and help you. Try to get at-least 10 Guest post so that you can easily improve post rate during your exams. Limit the blogging time during exams and concentrate on studies.

Blogging Tips Ultimate Blogging Tips For Students

#4. Be cool Avoid Stress

Being a Student you will have stress that u must have attended class for many hours u will have assignments blah blah blah… Don’t blog if you are in stress, this will surly affect the quality of your blog. Half of stress is reduced once the school or college works is finished. So finish the pending works and then move to blogging.

stress Ultimate Blogging Tips For Students

You can check my article on How Stress Can Affect Your Blog Success?

#5. Monitoring Current Status

Now a days getting mobile phone is easy, have GPRS enabled Phone (Smartphone is better if u have lot in your savings or earn decent income from your blog). Subscribe to mobile internet to monitor the current situation/status in cyber world. Install some office applications in your mobile so that if u get any blogging idea in middle of something you can note that in mobile. Install mobile apps for Twitter and RSS so that you can read other blog in travelling time to college.

monitoring Ultimate Blogging Tips For Students

#6. Blog Promotion

Being a Student it is easy to promote your blog; you can tell to your friends and teachers, you can also take seminars on blogging. I did that one time when I was asked to tell about myself. If you are using college Lab then keep your blog as home page.

blog promotion Ultimate Blogging Tips For Students

#7. Take care of your Health

Above all health is important for both Studies and blogging. Don’t sit and do Blogging in late night or in early morning. Take proper rest. Don’t sacrifice your sleep for anything. If u didn’t take proper rest you may not be in a position to attend the class or do the job on next day.

health Ultimate Blogging Tips For Students

8. I leave this to you, please Share your views with us

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