Monday, July 25, 2011

7 Strategies to Get Twitter Followers

This article deals with best strategies to Get Twitter Followers that ultimately helps you to build a Powerful Twitter Profile.

The use of Social Media on your Network is not a new concept and has been prevalent in the market for a while. One such Social Networking website is Twitter, which helps to share you blog posts instantly and widely to a bigger audience. This is one of the powerful means of increasing traffic to your website. Let us discuss here Some of the best Seven Strategies that will help us to Get Twitter Followers

Get Twitter Followers

#1. Focus on Tweeple Retention

  • Retention of the followers whom you have is more important than trying to acquire new followers.
  • This is because you will find followers following you and not many will be with you in the long run like a fellow traveler.
  • And, of course, what is more important is that find out who are your valuable customers who spend time on you and see that you do not lose them.
  • Fail not to keep such visitors engaged.
  • This is one of the best way to Get Twitter Followers to Enhance your Productivity in Twitter.

#2. Promote you Twitter Page on Website

  • It is possible that many coming to visit your website may not be your followers on twitter.
  • The best thing to do in such cases is to let your website or blog viewers to come and visit your twitter account are by promoting the twitter account on your website or blog.
  • Twitter has widgets for promoting yourself, like “follow me on twitter” is one of the effective means of getting the traffic from your website down to twitter, and through that you will be driving the twitter traffic back to your website or blog.
  • This is a simple give and take policy.
  • This is organic way to Get Twitter Followers for your Profile, as its followed by most of the Entrepreneurs.

want more followers 7 Strategies to Get Twitter Followers

#3. Get Yourself Listed in Twitter Directories

  • Add yourself to twitter directories like Just Tweet It and TwitDir, which makes life easier for driving more twitter traffic and followers.
  • Life is made easy with twitter and therefore lists your profile in relevant categories.
  • This is one of the secret technique that definitely help you to Get Twitter Followers.

#4. Follow People to be Followed

  • This is a simple mantra to make your life simple.
  • Whenever you follow someone, a message is sent that you are following them and the chances are high that they follow you back.
  • This is best to follow people in your niche area so that the chances are high that you will be gaining more followers.
  • This is one of the most common Technique that most of Twitter Users follow to Get Twitter Followers.

#5. Tweet Regularly

  • Your profile will go unnoticed if you are not going to tweet regularly and the prices of tweeting can be time consuming especially for the character restriction being the lowest in twitter, this is very difficult to learn to tweet in short at the initial stages.
  • But make this a point to tweet daily and allot some time for tweeting regularly.
  • Active users will get benefited because of their Regular Activity, which definitely help you to Get Twitter Followers.
get twitter followers 550x301 7 Strategies to Get Twitter Followers

Get Twitter Followers

#6. Create Tweet Bait

  • If you want the sudden surge in your twitter account for the twitter traffic, then the best thing to do is to set a bait to divert attention of the tweeters.
  • Some of the twitter baits will include, twitter based contests, giveaways, asking thought provoking questions and initiating discussions and conducting polls.
  • These contests spread like fire on the twitter and so your profile will get noticed easily by many.
  • Do not be a Scammer, as this will damage your reputation in the long run.

#7. Be a Resource

  • It has become necessary for professional reasons that when you are using your twitter account for professional development purposes then this is necessary that you tweet regularly about information and news updates regarding your business.
  • It is only possible here that you regularly update the tweets of short information, while you can’t write a post on them as that will take more of your time.
  • Providing useful resources will help you to Get Twitter Followers.

Hope you liked the article, you can find out best strategies to Get Twitter Followers to enhance your Twitter Profile.

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