Monday, July 25, 2011

Windows XP SP3 Lite/ Netbook Edition | 177 MB

Windows XP SP3 Lite/ Netbook Edition | 177 MB

Windows XP SP3 Lite/ Netbook Edition | 177 MB

This XP especially designed for very slow Computers with very less hardware specs.

Info :

Windows XP SP3 Final lite 2008 v3.0 is built from XP SP3 Final MSDN

Reduced : Character Map, MSN Explorer, Internet Games, Old Driver, Tablet PC, Windows Messenger, Security Center, Help and Support, IMAPI CD-Burning COM Service

Added : Newest hotfix from Microsoft ,IE7, WMP11 ,Driver HD UAA Bus

Fixed registry + Added TweakUI

It takes only approximately 9 minutes to install and it's fully activated !!!


This edition of windows is slipstreamed with service pack 3, and is perfect for low powered laptops, old desktops and netbooks. It is only 185mb, and when I tested it in Vmware, it took 11 mins to install. It uses 85mb of ram on first bootup, and on face value, the normal things seem to be there e.g. games, paint, calculator etc. Obviously the upgrade feature has been removed from this cd, so you have to do a clean install.

file size : 177 MB only

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