Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Statement by President Barack Obama recognition of the Republic of Sudan

The White House

Office of the Press Secretary

I am proud to say that officially southern Sudan Republic July 2011 recognizes the United States as a sovereign and independent State after this day 9.  After so much struggle of the people of southern Sudan welcomed the State of the birth of a new nation.

Today pointed out that after the darkness of war, the light of the new dawn is possible. A proud flag flies over Juba and has redrawn the map of the world was. These symbols speak the blood that is been buried, the tears that have been ballots, which have been converted and the hopes that have been realized so many millions of people. The eyes of the world are on the Republic of Sudan. And we know that their sovereignty claimed southern Sudanese, and shown that its would not dream of self-determination can be denied.

This historic achievement is a tribute, above all the generations of the southern Sudan, to fight for that day. It is also a tribute to the support that has been shown by so many friends and partners all over the world for Sudan and southern Sudan. Sudan African played neighbours and the African Union to make an integral part of this day in the real world.  And along with its many international and civil society partners, the United States was proud to play a leading role over two administrations. Many Americans were deeply moved by the efforts of the Sudanese people and extended support for southern Sudan in different races, regions and political convictions in the United States.  I am confident that the bonds will deepen friendship between southern Sudan and the United States only in the coming years.  Like southern Sudan the hard work of building their new country undertake, promises the United States our partnership, security, development, and responsive governance that can meet their expectations and respect their human rights while they are looking for.

Today also the creation of two new neighbors, in southern Sudan and the Sudan, marked both peoples must realize that they will be safer and more prosperous when they go a bitter past and peaceful differences solution. Will be realized only lasting peace, if all pages of their responsibilities.  The comprehensive peace agreement must be fully implemented, must be resolved through negotiation status of Abyei and violence and intimidation in the southern Kordofan founded, must be completed mainly by the Government of Sudan. The security of all people, especially minorities, must be protected. This can be the beginning of a new chapter of more peace and justice for all of the Sudanese people by courage and difficult decisions.

Martin Luther King decades ago reflects on the first moment of independence on the African continent in Ghana, "knew to say, I fight of all of the and all the pain and all the pain that had undergone these people for that moment." Today, we are moved by the story of the fight, which led to this cause for hope in southern Sudan, and we think of those who do not live to see their dream realized.  Now, the heads of State and Government and people in southern Sudan have to opportunity, this moment of promise to make lasting progress.  The United States will continue the efforts which all Sudanese support.  Together we can make sure that today marked another step in Africa's long journey towards opportunity, democracy and justice.

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