Monday, July 11, 2011

Bond prices take a tumble

Annuity rates take a tumble

Category: Pensions
Date: 11/07/2011

Annuity a tumble took prizes in the three months from March to June, with improved products from more than 3.00% decline.

Conventional annuity fell from 0.18% rates in the quarterly period, while improved prices contracted of 3.50%.

Improved pensions to give people with certain diseases or habits, like smoking, more income for their retirement.

The numbers from MGM benefits - which are calculated with annuity data from investment life & pensions of money facts - will add further pressure on people in retirement, that longer live decreased with increasing pots of money.

"We expect that this trend is set to" Craig Fazzini-Jones, Director of the retirement income specialist commented.

"In this context is the need to order any annuity rate, for the best will to make even more compelling."

The decrease in prices has aggravated by persistent high inflation.

In June 2011, index (RPI), compared with 3.87% in December 2009 was the average conventional annuity only 1.04% higher than the retail price. The gap was 2.06% and 5.30% for improved prices.

For someone with a pot pension of £ 50,000 the decline in the annuity means prices as well as the increase in inflation, would give them less £ 101.24 and £ 316.36 per year, if she have a conventional and improved pension or were buying.

Continue the annuity market offer very different are at both ends of the market, what is the need to put time in the best deal to find.

The latest findings from the index show that the average difference of income tax payments between the upper and lower quartile conventional annuity rates for men is 15.99% and 17,05% for women. On advanced annuity rates, the corresponding figures are 18.85% and 17.87%.

The difference between the average standard and enhanced annuity is 16.35%.

On the average retirement, this £ 8,426.22 for men and a huge £ 10,490.80 for women, to a pension would be pot of £ 50,000.

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