Saturday, July 9, 2011

Investors chubby for black gold and financials

Investors plump for black gold and financials

Category: Investment
Date: 08/07/2011

Investors stocked up their portfolios with stocks in oil and financials in a busy week of trade.

The numbers of TD Waterhouse showed investor activity in the FTSE 100 by 15% in the week until Tuesday 5 July shot.

At the end of the week, the FTSE had climbed back over 6,000 mark.

Some who buys presented Britain's largest banking groups in the top ten was table, but Lloyds banking group of number one knocked.

Was the most purchased week was oil, Xcite Energy, a quarter of all purchases in the week the turnover accounted for.

The increase in activity was driven by an announcement by the Treasury, which said that it would increase the tax support for North Sea oil researchers.

Xcite share price has positive impact on the news, reach a height of 247 p, end of the previous day at 173 p responds.

Lloyds banking group in the tables were bought and sold again, announced in a week that thousands more of the business would be deleted.

It was bought in the second on most stock in the week, as well as the best selling equity.

The Royal Bank of Scotland was purchased, but also as the fourth in stock sold the third party of the most stock, while Barclays was the most purchased the fourth and third most sold was in the week.

Darren Hepworth, trade and customer services Director at the broker, said, that oil and financials buys 85% of all during the period considered.

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