Thursday, July 14, 2011

Working on the intern D: Alley

Bryan Dickey e1310494613808 Working in the D Intern Alley 	When I heard the news that had been given the opportunity to work with Quicken loans in downtown Detroit was a mixture of emotions.  I was happy because I have heard such great things about the atmosphere to accelerate loans and how is it different from many other large companies. I also bummed because former offices of Quicken loans were not even a mile from my house for what would have been able to squeeze these 20 minutes extra much needed sleep before bed tracking.

But then I realized that I have to do something I've always wanted to do, I get to work next to the stadium: Comerica Park is just three blocks from the new offices of Quicken loans.  Cool is that? I can look out the window and see the Tigers taking batting practice or all fans wander the streets headed to Comerica!  Precisely this week to get working met with some friends and went to the Detroiter bar before going to the game. Unlike previous travel Center for a game, I had the luxury of a pay twenty bucks for parking. With the structure of being so close to the stadium only parking I left my car there and returned after a loss to the Mets. I just take my car and took off without giving my extra money to a guy with a flag shouting me park their fate.

It's kind of cool to feel like an adult, but they have many things in the Office that still make you feel like a child - like ping pong table 15 feet away from my desk and a flat four meters of distance. And, of course, the Nerf gun wars that break behind me.  But not to be confused by all the distraction here because these people bust their boots all day to make this company successful and innovative as any other company in mortgage online out there.  His dedication and loyalty did not go unnoticed by any means with a President as involved as Dan Gilbert and a CEO like hands about how Bill Emerson, I think it would be difficult to find another company as exclusive as Quicken loans.

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