Monday, July 11, 2011

Weekly address: working together to meet our fiscal challenges

The White House

Office of the Press Secretary

WASHINGTON calls this week address, President Obama both parties gather during this unique moment a substantial, balanced approach to deficit reduction to find, we can grow within our lives, without hurting investment, that our economy needs and to create jobs.  The President believes that the American people deserve to have their leaders work in common, find a cross-party address our fiscal challenges, so that we are in a better position to new employment measures back to work to focus on the American people.

Remarks by President Barack Obama
Weekly address
9 July 2011
Washington, DC

Earlier this week, we have something, that was never done here at the White House – we had a Twitter Town Hall. I have also my first live-Tweet as President. The questions at the Town Hall from the country and covered all kinds of topics — from jobs and the economy to education and energy.

Many people also different versions of another question submitted. First of all, she would say that our policy has grown so contentious. Then questions she would, if both parties in Congress will come together for the people, they elected?

This is a really important question, and it goes to the heart of a debate of that we have in this country - and that is the debate over how, that address our deficits and debt.

Well, there are of course real differences in approach. I believe we need a balanced approach. This means that on issues in our national programs and our defense programs. It means, such as the challenges in programs such as Medicare, so that we can enhance these programs and protect them for future generations. And it means that on issues in the code issues for tax credits and deductions for the richest Americans.

But I also know that the Republicans and Democrats not at eye-level on a number of issues displayed. And so, we continue to work to bridge over the weekend to these gaps.
The good news is that we agree on some of the big things. We agree with that after a decade of racking up deficits and debt, we finally need to get our fiscal house in order. We agree that to do this, both sides need to step outside their comfort zones and make some political victims. And we agree, that we simply can't afford by default on our national commitments for the first time in our history; that we the full faith and credit of the United States of America to maintain

A recovery is still fragile and is not produce all of the jobs we need, is the last thing we can afford, the usual partisan play in Washington.  Congress through our fiscal house in order will, to focus that I have already proposed a stronger position on some of the job-creating measures such as if you people to work rebuilding America's infrastructure, to reform our patent system so that our innovators and entrepreneurs have a greater incentive to new products to generate or college for families make affordable.  And companies that holding back due to the uncertainty about the possibility of a breach of contract by the U.S. Government can have more confidence to invest and create jobs.

I know that we can do this. We can our fiscal challenge.  That is, the American people here what sent us to do. You send us here to connect our problems on the road. This is exactly what they don't like about Washington. She sent us here to work. She sent us here to get things done.

Currently we have an extraordinary - and extremely rare--opportunity to progress in such a way that ensures that our Government live within its means, that is basis for the future of our economy on a sounder, and invested in things, the we in the coming years successfully. And I am confident that we rise to the moment, and this opportunity for all Americans, and the future, we have in common. Thanks everyone, and have a great weekend.

Today, the Obama announces management in six cities across the country, a pilot initiative for the promotion of economic growth and development of the community.

Watch Live: President Obama Holds a Press Conference Today at 11:00 a.m. EDT

President Obama meets Congressional leadership in the Cabinet room of the White House in the context of the ongoing negotiations for a balanced approach, the debt limit and deficit-to-find.

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