Wednesday, July 6, 2011

We are all casino Slayer

Today I woke up, free from the shock of yesterday and ready to celebrate: Ding Dong, a witch is dead. "I am a casino Slayer," I was wondering I. I fell out of bed to read messages, make sure that it really happened. The news is true: Foxwoods license revoked!

It is a good day when citizens mount sustainable defense take back what was taken. The State rammed Casino down Philadelphia's throats in mid night legislation fourth weekend in July in the year 2004-muscles with a fragrant Supreme Court and weak-kneed politicians. When I started working with Casino-free Philadelphia four years ago, was the predominant believe it is a "done deal"-held by every Philadelphia politician, the Inquirer Editorial Board and of course the casinos and their PR hacks, such as Dan fee and Frank keel.

The history is David against Goliath.

Still reading the news this morning made me angry, also: the Inquirer, and others in the elite media are the story of David scrubbing. Their most recent published timeline of the battle of Foxwoods mentioned never the neighborhood opposition, never to kill credit with those of us who had the foresight, Foxwoods and several hacks SugarHouse decrease. We have the largest lobbying force in the United State-who buy Republican and democratic politicians and judges in Pennsylvania and throughout the country, millions spent.

At that time even our allies such as Frank DiCicco, told us it was hopeless. Still we developed a strategy of using legal ways and complaints to slow down the casinos buy us time to mobilise support. And we mobilize a document search have - always arrested, while he was trying, to rid the public records of Foxwoods and SugarHouse of the plans of the mysterious PGCB. This piece of street theatre engaged the hate media, which recognized the problem. (The judge said: not guilty.)

Then we again strategized and collected tens of thousands of petitions in the coldest time of the winter 2007. It was a petition, the Council-, the impotence gezwungen-- to decide whether the buffer zone votiert gets 1,500 foot also claims. Once again have we make our small bigger players use. This referendum was denied Supreme Court, by a ruthless, who said that Philadelphians have no power over casinos. They explained citizens powerless, as the media Chamber it declared enemies everywhere at once more for anti-casino.

But it is not over, until the people that say it is over. We have responded by vote trotzdem-- our voices at Philly ballot box at the ballot box in each councilmanic district of Gie├čen. Even Mayor Nutter give his voice with uns-- demonstrated, as we make our use to more reluctant to get players on board. (He had to money from the casino sector.) With verified voting results for every Philly politicians we turned even the corrupt Senator Fumo, which helped to write the legislation that screwed us.

This is how we win. It is to organize, makes of the people and direct action.

But, with the mediated does not fit. You think that the script of politicians and politics makes, is. Everything that doesn't fit, is left in this script from the history.

It is advocating why about the health care debate raged, the Inquirer has been denied, the actions of civil disobedience of health care for America now report and local single-player. It has Bank team, the PNC, to reconsider their support for mountaintop, to the most insidious way, forced to obtain coal by blowing off peak, Quaker action completely ignored why it wins the fantastic with soil. It is why she ignored disabled in action, year in and year out victories for people with disabilities with rough sit-ins WINS.

All of these groups use non-violent direct action, which depends on the power of the people. It is used by people when all other possibilities are - closed when the script to us pass does not work. Fact is, if we witnessed only a few times in the streets, letters gathered written and politicians hoped to do right, Foxwoods would currently active. Instead, we ignored the coaching of Inquirer, that our movement "sad" called, because the cause was hopeless. We broke Protocol by speaking at closed hearings, street theatre, set up ballot boxes, got arrested in blocks, if they performed none and other languages.

And won.

Now there are those who want, take it away from us and the power back to the politicians, the PGCB or the forces of the economy.

The power started with us. We know it and we will model what we have always done: If the politicians and the elites do not, we do it ourselves.

Foxwoods says that they can have their plans? Going to take them. Supreme Court says that you do not agree? In any case vote. PGCB says that you can talk about at their hearings? Speak anyway. Governor Rendell says that you can have a public debate on casinos? Have one anyway.

And now: Philadelphia Inquirer says you are not part of the story? Make part of the story anyway.

Here is how: keep and appreciate the victory. A petition signed, part Philly ballot box, got kicked from a meeting or wrote a letter or e-mail to your employees? Then, you are to a casino Slayer.

You do not say it was Casino-free Philadelphia win. Or the anti casino movement win. Or the PGCB of "Handover" gives us victory. And the result is now not DiCicco idiotic to say it was 'Good luck'. No, no.

Say that it is your victory. Their profit. Tell your friends. Write a note of congratulations to itself. (Hard).

Most importantly: have the title. Today, you are officially a casino Slayer.

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