Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A very brief history of hair implants

There is no question, that you the term "hair implants" have heard if you have the treatments for baldness problems check-out. Everyone is curious about the whole cost of hair implant, but before you check out of the price, they should first understand the processes which with this type of treatment. This is important to know if want to know, this is an appropriate treatment for your situation.

I wasn't sure what it means when I the first this term so I have a little research fact, finding their origin. In fact, the technique of hair implants is not something new. The name of the hair loss had through increased in the 1950s, when a group of avant-garde doctors solution to the problem transplantation began the growing hair from one area of the head of the patient in the affected area of baldness. The truth is that this method was first used twenty years earlier. In the 1930s action Japanese doctors transplants of facial hair by using the same method. Basically, transplants for women and facial hair implants for men was its focus with eyebrows. In fact, their success rate was high and they showed good results until the second world war that stopped their medical research. Due to the war, most was data destroyed or lost.

Going forward, until the present, now we use a method known as follicular unit extraction hair, which then it is still in a position of growth from an area of the scalp, usually the rear of the cabin and implantation in the affected area is based also on the old assumption. The procedure is much easier not, though, and you can your new hair often visit get, while only one in the afternoon the hair clinic or doctor's Office.

If you are bald and you looking for a solution to the hair grows back, instead of one will become ugly toupee, probably from falling hair implants something you want to view in any case.

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