Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Treasure Inn

Casts : Charlene Choi, Nick Cheung, Nicholas Tse, Kenny Ho

Master Kung and Lo Pa are two police officers of White Horse City, who have high skills but are underused. A robbery happened at he city’s richest man Ho Pak Man’s home where his whole family was killed and their family treasure the “White Jade Goddess of Mercy” was stolen and the “Police God” Tit Mo Ching investigates the case and Kung and Lo Pa cannot do so because of their low status.

Coincidentally, Master Kung and Lo Pa arrest a pair of twin sisters, Water Dragon Girl and Fire Dragon Girl, who always pretends to catch wanted criminals to get money rewards. The twin sisters know that the “White Jade Goddess of Mercy” was be brought to the “Treasure Inn” for a trading. Wanting to hit big, Master Kung and Lo Pa goes to the “Treasure Inn” with the twin sisters to investigate the truth. During that time, Master Kung and Water Dragon Girl become lovers from a kiss.

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