Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Taking care of business: in the field and in the Office

163092 10100455592640514 2346630 69663057 217753 n2 300x190 Taking Care of Business On the Golf Course and in the OfficeWhat it has to do with the success of our work the game of golf?  If you're not a golfer, might be inclined to say, "Nothing!" golfers are funny pants, it is the most boring sport to watch on television and we must be extremely quiet… right? I am also here to demonstrate bad all duffers and hackers (golf speak for - to put it mildly: bad players)!  We are going to shine a little light on the best game that's played and make clear the link between the golf and the workplace.

First, let me provide a little background myself.  I am a recent graduate of the University of Western Michigan, and I'm an internal marketing here at Quicken loans.  Born with a club in my hand, I took competitive Golf at the age of eight, and the rest is history.  After great successes at the junior level, I enjoyed it later to compete with the best in the State as a high school player.  Work, patience and practice diligently he drew the attention of many college coaches and I made the choice to attend the work to be part of the team.  In short, being a player of college it was an incredible experience!  Learned much, they became best friends with my teammates and he traveled to ten different States to play some of the best in the nation during my career.  In my last year, our team was the best that has ever been, won a record of three tournaments during the season of spring and autumn!  Now that I've graduated and my clubs get slightly dusty, I'm taking the lessons I've learned the game and apply them to the places of work.

Now I share with you some things that I think can give golfers a slight edge in the job.

Golfers are innovative : If you've played a round on some of the difficult courses we have here in Michigan, will probably have an impossible shot once attempt to come to mind.  Is fried egg? For once? Behind a tree? Uncomfortable position? Well, unless they take the easy way and a Princess lie in the fairway, you have to be creative and figure just how get the score lower than in the least amount of strokes.  At work, they often face challenges and do not know how to solve them.  It has the ability to see the big picture and some critical thinking outside the box.Golfers continue through things : I am not only speaking of following in your swing!  It is does not envelope until the final putt falls and the control panel is signed.  We have to finish what we started and not always manage to mulligans at work.  In the course: as it may be at work: what is done is done and recorded score (unless you consider golf pencils have erasers)189609 10100528562862604 2346630 71032577 3100211 n 300x198 Taking Care of Business On the Golf Course and in the Officegolfers include the importance of honesty and humility -who follow professional golf and recalls the very unfortunate situation of rules of Dustin Johnson cost him know PGA Championship that I want to say.  Or the tragic fall of Rory McIlroy masters this year, highlighted by his extremely humble attitude later.  Golf is a sport of honor and honesty, we often have to ask for sanctions to ourselves and to accept these frustrations kindly.  Also applies to the workplace: sometimes we slip, but it is always easier to admit the mistake, accept the situation and trudge on to do a better job next time (and in case of Rory, the next time was a victory for mind blowing at the US Open).

These are just some examples of how golf has been - and continue - help me during my internship and later in life.  Any person interested in the friendly golf competition a bit, let me know!  I am accepting all bets icon smile Taking Care of Business On the Golf Course and in the Office

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