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Santander call centers back in the UK

Santander call centres return to the UK

Category: Banking
Date: 08/07/2011

Santander has shown that it is to all his Indian call-center back to England after negative feedback from its customers.

The movement, which is the latest in a series of initiatives of the Spanish bank with a focus on customer service, setting an additional 500 UK staff, month treat an estimated 1.5 million calls saw.

Abbey, which the Bank in 2008 acquired, outsourced call center operations in 2003 to two centres in India - one in Bangalore and one in Pune.

However all calls handled now handled Leicester and Liverpool by these centres by employees based in Glasgow, are from this month.

Customers claimed that dealing with an offshore call center is a frustration that can lead to dissatisfaction.

"Improvement of the services we offer my top priority", said Ana Botín, Santander UK Chief Executive Officer.

"Our customers tell us that they our call centre in the UK and not offshore to be preferred."

"We need to is part of the feedback and traded back here by re-establishing our call center."

The return of the call centre operations in the United Kingdom is the latest in a series of initiatives which Santander UK has announced.

It has appointed already 1,000 new employees in customer-oriented roles and created a specialized call center team - with its own dedicated phone number - dissolve with customers looking for a problem with Santander.

The Bank claims that the initiatives have helped to reduce the volume of complaints in the last year, and media, 80% of all complaints are treated now for 48 hours.

The official figures of the financial services authority also showed that the volume of complaints of Santander banking plummeted 24% from in the first half of 2010 on the second half.

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