Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Reverse mortgage ads a starring Detroit Fonz support economy

fonz orm shoot 300x210 One Reverse Mortgage Ads Starring the Fonz Support Detroits EconomyGreat article in the Freep today on Henry Winkler, Fonz infamous from its years of happy days, doing commercial work for a reverse mortgage (ORM). ORM is the sister of Quicken Loans Company for reverse mortgages. Winker is the spokesperson for ORM and is in the Detroit area film the last set of commercials.

The article focuses on how ORM and Quicken Loans keep work in this area, wherever possible, typically always. It actuallymake seems good to accelerate loans not outsource any foreign employment. All our call centres and members of the team here in our fivelocations (area of Detroit, Cleveland, San Diego, Scottsdale, and Charlotte). Don't get me wrong, I am not any Patriot nut only buy United States, I just like the idea of providing jobs for the community at a time when not always plentiful jobs.

A note on Henry Winkler. It is a very friendly boy.

I met him in the elevator a few months ago. It was our former CMO of ORM. She introduced me to him.

"Henry Clay this is our team of marketing"

"Nice to meet you clay, my name is Henry" (shaking hands)

"Yes, I know." "It is an honor"

I was crying inside (am hand of shaking the FONZ.) I'm hand of shaking the FONZ) …and was too afraid to ask for an image. What a wuss am.?

Later, I learned that you took hundreds of photographs with who asked. It is just the kind of guy who is. Friendly and despite being one of the most famous actors in the history of television, not too big to take a picture with the little guys.

You can not say that Jeff Daniels. It was here a few months ago and refused to take a picture with me. Whatever it is. He is not the Fonz. That is what I will say.

Enjoy the full article of the freedom of the press here.

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