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Product focus: for the first time buyer mortgages

Product focus: First time buyer mortgages

Category: Mortgages
Date: 06/07/2011

Many mortgage lenders offer products specifically for first-time buyers, often with low fees and high loan to values to keep the first setup costs to a minimum.

Here a selection of some of the best is currently a first-time buyer mortgage products:

Yorkshire Savings and loan Association

This deal offers first-time buyers a package won 5.39% on 30.9.13. The maximum loan value is 90% and the maximum advance is £ 500,000. No order is due and there is additional incentive a free evaluation, free legal fees and a £ 500 discount to Abschluss.Kreditnehmer also have the option, overpayments of up to 10% of the outstanding balance to make.

Skipton Building Society

This product offers at 31.7.13 at 5.99% fixed. The maximum loan value is 95% and the maximum advance for first-time buyers is £ 250,000. Second buyers and debt restructuring can borrow up to £ 1 million customers. A small fee of £ 195 is payable and the business has flexible features like overpayments and payment holidays.

Mansfield Building Society

This reduced variable product offers a 4.69% for three years with a maximum loan value of 90% is located. A fee of £ 599 is payable. The offers, the evaluation fees, up to a maximum of £ 400 refund and borrowers can overpayments of up to 10% of the advance mortgage.

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* Product information and availability is correct at the time of publication (shown at the top of the article). Products can be displayed by their provider withdrawn or the be changed at any time.


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