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Place for 'Mates mortgages'

Make way for ‘mates mortgages’

Category: Mortgages
Date: 06/07/2011

Housing Minister grant Shapps the debate has to the stimulate of first time buyer market, by creditors, they should offer ' mortgages mates ' entered.

The call came on the Minister second housing Summit where he said that it options for friends, their means to combine, to secure a base of the property ladder.

Such products user role Member friends together pooling their money, so that to raise the required deposit.

The Housing Minister said that for groups of friends without access to the Bank of MOM and dad, 'Mates mortgages' could be a mainstream alternative to years of saving.

The system could provide the UK also a boost to the struggling housing market.

"If there are pals who are quite capable of paying monthly mortgage payments but struggle to finance a down payment on their own, it should be to combine simple options with their friends and take the first step on the housing ladder together,", said Mr Shapps.

"This is, why I once again key called have figures on the housing market, along come and discuss ways to improve the availability of mortgages and how existing products can be promoted much better."

Mr Shapps together praised a number of innovations and products, since the last Summit of housing, including mortgages, lenders and builders that Government FirstBuy were made schema and better communication within the sector.

In addition, lenders were invited, the Lloyds offer a hand system replicate where the mortgage by the buyer guarantees families.

Many first-time buyers have fought their first House since the economic crisis with an average age of someone buying a property for the first time to buy in the 1930s.

It has helped that rented swell the number of people in private accommodation in the UK.

Pay of communities and the private tenants show local government the number has increased by 2.15 million in 2003 / 04 to 3.35 million in 2009 / 10.

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