Saturday, July 16, 2011

Memorandum--regulation and independent regulatory authorities

The White House

Office of the Press Secretary

America's free market is the largest force for prosperity, which the world has ever known.  It is the key to our global leadership and the success of our people.  But in our history, one of the reasons why, which it has worked, is that we a balanced Gleichgewicht--a balance to that are looking for economic growth, innovation, competitiveness and job creation, while protecting the health, safety and promotes the security of the American people.  Over the last two and a half years this balance has led the pursuit approach my Administration to rules and regulations.  And in January of this year, I signed an executive order that executive agencies at the same time ensure order rules to reduce the unnecessary burdens on American businesses and the American people that protect the provisions of our security, health and the environment.  I initiated a careful, government-wide review of legislation already on the books to obsolete, to reduce unjustified provisions, to stifle job creation and to make our economy less competitive.  We immediately take measures to eliminate save millions of hours in annual paperwork burden on small and large companies and more than $1 billion in annual regulatory costs.  And hundreds of proposals for reform of 30 agencies, now available for public scrutiny, promise to provide billions of dollars in additional savings.

The Executive order requires also executive agencies, costs and benefits into account and to reduce burdens for the American people; Opportunities for public participation to expand; to simplify and harmonise rules; and the flexibility and freedom of choice to promote.

With full respect for the independence of your agencies please I today in this report to join and produce your own plans reassess and improve regulations.  For rules the key described in January going forward also please you, Executive order reducing the burden as low-cost principles I follow.

I hope that you this as an opportunity to something large and dauerhaften--change the ways of Washington to do; on what works; and to forge a regulatory system of the 21st century, which makes our economy stronger and more competitive, while we meet with each other our basic responsibility.

I look forward to working with you all on this important initiative, and I thank you for your attention and service for our country.

BARACK OBAMAOur Heroes Are All Around Us

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