Monday, July 11, 2011

Means of Social communication of Detroit day

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If these terms constantly flowing from his mouth or through the fingers, then you lost if not to attend the second annual day of means of Social communication in Detroit. Livio Radio teamed with MotorCity Casino Hotel for the second consecutive year to launch this technology inspired bash. In this celebration of all things social media, provide food, sponsors were present and the drinks were deducted.

In 2010,, a means of social communication according to news site, declared June 30 as a day of Social communications media around the world. Detroit joined the party with almost 400 attendees last year. It was part of a crowd of more than three times that size, as the Board of MotorCity sound that I visited for the first time a week ago.  Approximately 1,500 social media gurus came together for an evening of social interaction.

Using Twitter hash tag # SMDay, I could connect, share and interact with fans of social media from around the world. Meetings were a couple of hundreds around the world, including Brazil, Belgium and Argentina groups. Foursquare offers points extra for those checking in their respective games social media.

As DJ was turning keystrokes, social media enthusiasts are connected on Facebook, Twitter and home run. Some were connecting professionally on LinkedIn, while a lucky few were added to the circles of the people in the new Google +. Attendees were encouraged to bring their smart phones, laptops and iPads with them. I myself have a few new followers.

Sponsors presentation were the real draw for me. Teams of social media in the Detroit Red Wings and tigers were joining big fuel, Livio Radio and hiredMYway. Bizdom u and Fathead, both members of the Quicken Loans family, were also present. Each company gave a brief presentation and had staff available for those interested in more information.

Although it was the only person of Quicken loans, it was a great experience. I could talk with Amy Gill Bizdom U for a good time. She offered the deep knowledge of the Bizdom philosophy. They were passing the gears in my mind. After seeing his video for stunning presentation, I spoke with major fuel. They offer a wide range of experiential marketing services.

I left with a handful of new connections, a t-shirt and a life-size cut red wings Captain Nick Lidstrom. I urge the skeptics to jump into the world of social media. It is not only a good source of news, opens doors professionally and socially.

Closure of meeting.

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