Monday, July 11, 2011

It is a gift or mortgage fraud?

If you are ready to buy a House, but it does not have enough money to make a down payment and closing costs, you may wish to ask your parents or other family members to make up the difference with a monetary gift.

An original gift, which means non-refoulement is expected or implied, can help you qualify for a mortgage. But a "gift" which is really a loan in the costume may be problematic or even considered loan fraud, a federal crime with serious consequences.

That the distinction between an original gift and a loan fraud, is precisely why lenders require a "Letter of gift" call to the document any gift you get is actually a true.

This type of letter merely indicates that the money is "a gift of good faith that you never have to be reimbursed," says Joe Metzler, a specialist mortgage mortgages unlimited in St. Paul, Minnesota.

What a gift letter

Usually no more than one page, a standard gift letter indicates the amount of the donation, the origin of the funds of regalo-dador and the relationship between two Metzler explains. The statements that the gift will be applied to the purchase of housing, is not expected to return the gift and money was not obtained the seller, behind the scenes loan officer, agent real estate or any other associated with the transaction also are typical components.

Both the giver of the gift and the recipient will have to sign the letter of gift. Firms need not be signed.

You will also need documentation to support the letter of gift, with Peter Thompson, in perspective loan officer mortgage in Naperville, Illinois

"The letter of gift alone not enough," says Thompson.

Documentation depends on the type of loan

If you are applying for a loan that meet the standard can sell your lender Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac, the additional documentation that you need is only a statement showing the gift was deposited into his account. The general rule for adjustment lending, Metzler, says, is "sign the letter of gift, try the money is in the Bank and it is pretty".

If they are carrying out an FHA loan, you should provide one paper trail all of bank statements that follow the money gift giver through the financial system to you. In this case, explains Metzler, you will have to "sign the letter of gift, demonstrate that you have the money, prove that it is deposited and show that it is disabled.

If you are applying for a jumbo loan or another type of financing is not conforming or FHA, guidelines of the lender will determine the necessary documentation of letter of gift.

The point of contention is often reluctance of gift giver to reveal their financial position in the bank statements or other documents. It is a solution for the giver send documents directly to the officer loan, which can protect the privacy of regalo-dador suggests Thompson. Lenders will not accept partial documents or documents that contain hidden information, by the even is not an option.

When I submit the letter of gift?

It is best to present the letter of gift and documentation as soon as possible in the loan process. However, some procedures may sweeps later as long as it is, and approved by the lender before the closure. The regalo-dador can transfer funds directly in the end, if all the documentation has been previously approved. Once more, however, before is certainly better, Thompson said.

Actually you can avoid altogether the Charter

The period look back to see whether the money is or is not yours is only two or three months, which means that you can avoid the letter of gift and complete the documentation if you deposit funds to your account at least that much earlier applied for a mortgage. This strategy does not negate the requirement for original gift, however. If the money means any expectation or involvement of repayment, it is not a true gift, but a loan that will have to be disclosed and may affect whether you qualify for a mortgage.

Gift may be lower risk factor

It is not easy to find out if a gift will help or hinder your loan application. Buyers that provide 100% of your money to the transaction show a little more than financial responsibility. But if otherwise is well qualified to obtain a mortgage, a gift that helps you make the initial payment, pay closing costs and perhaps maintain a cash reserve largest generally not must hurt your chances.

"In most situations, while it meets the guidelines, a gift will not be a big problem", says Thompson. "If you have a lot of other risk factors, that probably he would be on the equation as an aspect of the risk".

Marcie Geffner is a writer and freelance journalist real estate whose news, features and columns have been published by dozens of newspapers, magazines and Web sites. She is a former Chief Editor of news of Inman, senior editor of California Real Estate journal and a member of the Council of the National Association of property editors (NAREE) roots.image default If you are ready to buy a House, but they don't have enough money to make a down payment and closing costs, can ask their parents or other members of the family to compensate for the difference with a monetary gift. image default Constantly since 2005, the mortgage lenders have tightened its guidelines. Today, in comparison with recent history, it takes more income, more active and a better grade of credit for approved a home loan. Having said that, it isn't surprising that they refused requests for mortgage of one in four in 2010, according to analysis conducted by the Wall Street Journal. image default Do not allow these myths and misconceptions are a slice view of home ownership image default shock that home values have had in recent years were enough for permanent tenants of many people. However, stratagies of investment based on fear is going better than those based on optimism blind fortune cookie messages or lucky numbers. Many very knowledgeable people is buying houses again, and should at least take into account them. image default To commemorate the feast that marks the "birth" of this country and celebrates the ideals founders that make this country so great, that we wanted to take some time to consider whether the American dream of homeownership, despite all their current struggles, is still alive and well.


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