Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I have bad credit

I recently had a loan for a beautiful pair of Victoria, who in the unfortunate situation bad credit history were admitted. Without even knowing, until it comes time to finance apply in this case the pair were aware of their bad credit situation, but many of us meet a standard on our credit report.

Why is that?

Now, much of the company, above all the telcos are, missed blow if only one or two payments were on a default user role, sometimes only for an amount of less than $ 150... but even that small amount can really hurt the chances of a loan agreement, if on a high LVR borrow.

What can I do if I have bad credit history?

Sometimes there is nothing you can do, except make sure, that is fully repaid debts and only to be seen. It also depends of the size of the standard and the LVR level in which you want to include.

There are also lenders, the in bad credit home loan specialist. I write one the next post on these lenders to offer loans for bad credit. The market of your choice for people with bad credit loans are typically non-conforming lenders and some offer really reasonable interest rates.

And sometimes there are some ways to get bad credit by large lenders, as in the following example will see...

Now back to the the pair had a problem with bad credit.

A few years ago was who husband have been independent and had gotten into a little trouble on the credit card, that an unpaid standard listed on credit report made had, which meant they turned away from one of 4 major banks. There was no huge amount, but an important factor here was the fact that it was unpaid...

On the front of, and without the default setting, they were a dream application to a lender

-good income and employment history

-a young couples

over $100 as a deposit

the only thing holding them back was the standard!

She had their dream-block of the country, which they needed to secure and were not really found planning, on the building on it at least 18 months.

I knew the spouse would not accept the application due to his credit history, but what people see, is that if this person 'self-sufficient' ie the lender. earn an income for themselves which can be demonstrated, then this person the application can be interrupted and the lender is not to maintain them.

So can a married couple as an individual applicant be submitted?

Yes, that's true!

In this case it from perfectly because the loan amount to the country secure can, be operated on the female applicant income only, as we do not need the spouse in the maintenance calculations involve, as we had shown he deserves his own income and is not the female depending on income.

This gives him time to clean up and his pay credit default and when it comes to construct we can add it again as a borrower and income maintenance use the loan for the construction.

Bad credit and LMI

Lenders have become very fickle when it comes to bad credit history. I have seen very solid applications LVR rejected on 95% due to individual paid standard at $100.

You see, at 95% application are subject to lenders mortgage insurance (LMI) and it is the insurers that have the last word on the approval of an application.

It is really important to ensure that all small debts & loans can you get paid on time and even the move residences, make sure that the telephone, or gas or electric company where know any new information, you send the invoice.

The applicant of the reason for which standard was so often that they moved residence and never the Bill received. Although I understand the reason and I am happy with the Declaration, it is a hard questions, to convince the mortgage insurer!

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