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Happy national ice cream month!

imagesCAZUY3KJ 150x150 Happy National Ice Cream Month!Happy national ice cream month!  Now this just might be me, but I think that it is the best party ever!  I don't know what could be better than a month of celebration of one of the best inventions of all time: ice cream. The national party began in 1984 when President Ronald Reagan designated July national ice cream month.  In addition, the third Sunday in July is national ice cream day. If think about trying to eat as much ice cream you can this month, there are a few types which are an attempt to juice. The following are some of the companies top ice cream in the United States. Each one has many places of ice-cream salon across the country and most are found in the local supermarket. Each one has enough variety to try at least one different flavor every day of the month!

Good Humor

It is possible that you can't find a good Humor truck, driving his neighborhood today but the delicious sweets can still be found in the freezer of your local supermarket. Since 1920, good Humor has been giving America treat ice cream on a stick.  Today, there are over 85 different frozen products to choose from.


In 1953, they introduced Baskin Robbins 31 flavors. Since then, Baskin-Robbins has been pushing the envelope when it comes to unique flavors of ice cream.  It has become a neighborhood favorite with a taste for everyone. Today its products include ice cream cakes, ice cream drinks and of course, unique flavors of ice cream.


Known for his use of the finest ingredients in the world, Haagen-Dazs is one of the main companies of ice cream in the world. When introduced for the first time in 1960, was normally only found in warehouses high-end, is now a feast is found in the super majority markets. If you are looking for the best of the best of traditional flavors without all the extras, Haagen-Dazs is trying to enjoy the rich.

Ben and Jerry

Thick mono and Cherry Garcia are two of the wild names for its unique ice cream creations. For more than 30 years, these geniuses of ice-cream have been coming with more wild combinations of yummy ice cream that the world has ever seen. They even have a graveyard of flavor to retire earlier creations!

Cold Stone Creamery

It began in 1988, Cold Stone Creamery ice cream lovers gives the opportunity to create their own BREW using a nearly endless coverage. If it cannot make its mind, Stone Cold has sweet creations to select Cookie Mintster or cheesecake fantasy. With more than 3700 locations across the country is bound to one in their neighborhood.

These are only a few large ice cream companies in the country, there are many more. No matter what your favorite flavor is sure to go out and enjoy national ice cream month. For spraying of large ice cream companies, here are some fun facts about ice cream.

The International Association of ice cream fun facts:

Vanilla is the number one flavor of ice cream with 29%, and secondly, is chocolate with 8.9%, i.e. According to super market in United States.  Buy ice cream most on Sunday.The number one topping on ice cream is chocolate syrup.California produces the most ice cream in the United States.The occurred the first ice cream cone in 1896.
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