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Greening your pool

iStock PoolHouseSoccerBall Small 300x199 Greening Your Swimming PoolWhat hazardous chemicals, and related diseases the breathing practices of keeping sucking money have in common?  The backyard pool.

It's summertime, and while home barbecues and beach balls tend to fill our consciousness, it is important to recognize harmful bacteria and unwanted side effects of a swimming pool.

Greening your pool so you have a happy and healthy summer while protecting his family and the environment is possible.  Here are some tips:

Choose chlorine alternatives:

Chlorine is used in most pools due to their properties to kill bacteria, but is a tough and is not something you want to have in its groundwater.  From swimming pool chemicals enter the skin and respiratory tract, they can cause breathing problems and skin rashes.  Alternatives more ecological and respectful with the body include:

Salt: maintains the natural swimming pool clean while it is also gentle on the skin.  The water will feel smoother and salt do not evaporate to avoid having to use a chemical stabilizer.  However, salt can erode the lower part of the lining of the pool and produce scale that requires clean the filter often.  But it is a common alternative because it is very profitable in the long term and is less severe in the body.Oxygen: If a saltwater pool is not yours, using active oxygen in the water can be better and do not corrode or produce scale. There are many products using an oxygen rather than chlorine powder to prevent the growth of bacteria.

 Get clean:

Ozone generators: Ozone has been found it sanee water faster and more effective than traditional methods.Ionizers: algae appear whenever there is a chemical imbalance in the water. Ionisers pool can save tons of money by killing bacteria, algae and much more. Simply add a disinfectant chlorine not weekly to destroy organic compounds in the pool. Your local dealer group can help you to choose the right (there are even solar options) and can also suggest buying a leveler of pH and keep its profitable pool maintain and health.Bombs: Models of bomb today are more efficient energy and are available with a variety of speeds that can be adjusted for daily use or less frequently.  You can also purchase a timer you can be pre-established to run the pump and filter, saving time and energy.

Increase efficiency:

Solar systems:  You are already using Group anyway, mainly during the day solar makes sense (especially if it is in an open and sunny area). Some systems have a thermostat which is why only warm water when it falls below the default temperature. You will have to invest more in advance for solar (up to $3,000), long-term costs are minimal since Sun is to feed the system. You may also receive some tax benefits to go solar.  Search for renewable energy installers in your area.Pool covers and fencing:  A cover greatly reduces the evaporation of water, heat loss and unwanted debris.  Choose a model resistant to UV, which holds more sunlight (foam cell or air bubble models work best).  If you do not have a fence, consider adding one from the armor of the grouping of wind will help slow evaporation and reduce energy costs.Landscaping: Evaporation of the water can also fight for pool landscaping area. Shrubs and trees act as a barrier of windy and a landscape expert can be planted reeds by the pool, which act as a secondary Purifier.Isolation and loss control: Pools above ground losing heat from its sides, so be sure to add insulation or foam insulation spray if it has small holes. If your group has a leak could lose thousands of litres. Mark the water line and incorporate it at the same time the next day.  Promptly fixing a loss can save money and natural resources.

Avoid plastic:

Bottles:  Having a half still green pool used bottles of "stuff".  Those annoying plastic containers can be added so be sure to check your city's recycling guidelines to see if they accept the bottles.  Better still, try to buy swimming pool supplies that have reusable containers.Toys: Many pool toys are made of vinyl or PVC, which can release toxins and chemicals. When possible, select toys of ecological pool for an additional layer of security for its younger guests of the swimming pool.

You have a residential swimming pool should not question their safety or the environment.  Greening your pool can save you anxiety about your family, your bank account and their environmental consumption.

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