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Credit card customers not on rewards

Credit card customers missing out on rewards

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Date: 05/07/2011

Credit card customers are not on billions of pounds in rewards and have been asked, its 'passive plastic' trench.

UK consumers are missing out significant financial rewards such as cashback, retail coupons or frequent-flyer points amounting to £ 3.6 billion next year.

The research by American Express found, also with other payment methods, to use more than a hundred pounds of bonuses and rewards that will earn nearly two-thirds (63%) of people could fail credit card by paying for their daily expenses for rewards.

Consumers are forced to dig their 'passive plastic' and make more from their expenditure of rewards earn from their daily expenses, as well as for bigger ticket items.

"It is time UK consumers their unfulfilled love affair ended with passive plastic,", said Julie Hay, Vice President at American Express.

"Why continue to make purchases on debit and credit cards, which give nothing back for your spending?"

"Urge in a time when every penny counts, we consumers are, the cards in their wallets to work harder for them to make."

There are a number of rewards credit cards on the market with incentives for the most flavor.

If you use your card, to your daily expenses numbers out of balance in full course at the end of the month to pay! -a could be cashback card for you.

The American Express Platinum cashback card offers an introductory 5.00% Cashback for three years on up to £ 2,000 per year a standard 0.50% on up to 3,500 spends £ spends a year, 1.00% on spend between £ 3.501 and £ 7,500 per year, and 1.25% to more than £ 7501 per year.

Frequent flyer offers that Lloyds TSB Airmiles Duo MasterCard spent two Airmiles for each £ 50, while 150 Airmiles for any compensation will be awarded £ 1,000, which is transferred from another provider.

For those on the road much the AA Rewards credit card visa holders with points that can be spent on fuel and other AA products and services.

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