Saturday, July 9, 2011

Call Me cheap - o - three easy ways to save money every day

photo1 300x224 They Call Me Cheap or Three Easy Ways to Save Money Every DayThey say that I am cheap. They say that I am a miser. I am a skinflint.

Whatever it is.

That I hate.

I'm frugal and I am proud. I have no problem spending money, to clarify things. Just spend 10 days in Barcelona. Not to do so if you don't want to spend money. Trust me.

However, I hate losing money. And I don't like to spend more than what I have to.

So here are three ways very easy and very obvious that nobody can save a package of mass. Here you are.

Itmake your own coffee - is not so difficult, people. Just buy some beans and a coffee and make the BREW. Stop spending more than US $ 2,3,4,5 per day in its java. You don't need. I thought that if I bought my wife coffee and drink every day at Starbucks would cost about $6 per day. Estimated that I do much of our coffees (black mine, she a coffee with milk) for about 30-40 cents a day. This represents a savings of more than $5 each day. Each year, it is more than 1,800 dollars. Which, incidentally, is more than enough to buy a ticket to Japan: my next likely target. Or perhaps extract Machu Pichu. I'm not sure.Bring your lunch : without doubt, it is great to eat every day and support the local economy. And sure you throw in social opportunities when you not to go with the band every day to the fav spot grub. But let's be realistic. The gang spends half time bitching work, which receives the stress raises level of anyway. So, not only saves a lot of cash when it brings its own food, which is also her health in favour. Calculation to save about $6 each day to bring my own food. Today I had a stir fry of pork, pepper and egg plant. In addition to a salad of Arugula. And some strawberries. Yum. And all this took me less than $3. It is music to my budget.Part in the cradle (or eat and drink at home) : there is nothing wrong with having a good time. Enjoy great food, drink and company is one of the things that makes life worth living. However, when it will wine and food and song, your portfolio can wallop. I came to this conclusion years ago when my friends and I realized that we had so much fun out in one of our homes, as we do in the bar. In addition, we always, always talking with each other anyway. What is the point of paying $5 for a beer when you can buy from Costco for $1.50 (or less).? What is the point of paying $40 for dinner, where you can grill the same $10? Even don't want to enter how much save out at home (and the homes of friends).  But his thousands, grand probably more than 10, if you include all the pleasant dinner my wife and I enjoy easily by ourselves.

For what it is. Three easy ways to save a set of mass. Make your own coffee, bring your lunch to work and eat or drink / party at home.

It works for me.  And da makes me money to not perform any of these things while hanging impressive like Barcelona.

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