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British Gas Announces energy price rises

British Gas announces energy price rises

Category: Gas and electricity
Date: 08/07/2011

British gas has started informed its customers that increase the price of electricity and gas from next month.

Domestic tariffs for gas are increased by an average 18% and for electricity to an average of 16% on 18 August 2011.

The company estimates that annual dual will increase heating costs for customers with average consumption of £ 190 due to price increases.

British Gas said that while she face the difficulties customers in the current economic situation recognizes the decision required, after wholesale energy costs has been a 30% increase since last winter.

"British gas to offer competitive pricing and customers protect from cost increases in the wholesale sector as far as possible", said a statement of the company.

"But the company can not continue, that a loss on the energy that it sells, that while the must be a profitable business, to future sources of energy for the UK invest."

British Gas's Managing Director, Phil Bentley, said: "we know there is never a good time to increase prices, but we are in a global energy market buy and pay the interest rate."

"A problem with a view to all energy suppliers is rising input costs."

"Our advice to customers is to wait and see, what in the energy retail market as a whole before making any decisions about switching supplier."

"In the meantime, you should contact with us and questions about the simple methods that we offer to help to keep invoices under control."

£ 190 In spite of the forecast increase in bills British Gas said that warm spring weather and continuing energy efficiency means that its customers can not see an increase in its dual heating costs from last year.

The company is the second of the "big six" energy companies, a rise in prices this year to announce.

Scottish Power, confirmed in June that it gas and electricity prices for residential customers by 19% and 10% or increase would.

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