Sunday, July 10, 2011

Background on the President of Twitter Town Hall today

The White House

Office of the Press Secretary

Background on the President of Twitter Town Hall today

The Town Hall of Twitter is hosted by Jack Dorsey, Twitter co-founder and Executive Chairman.  The audience consists of 140 guests, including over 30 participants White House "Tweetup" over the country, the @ Whitehouse follow on Twitter.  Twitter users post questions have since last Thursday and will continue to be issues in the town hall with the Hashtag # AskObama book.  After lunch had more than 60,000 tweets about the event by using the Hashtag # AskObama.

Twitter has a partnership with mass relevance to curate, visualize, and to integrate discussions for the event. Mass relevance data helps that topically and regionally make different issues and provides insight into the most popular topics.  The Tweets recognizes algorithms behind Twitter search, most are employed on Favorites, Retweets and responses.

A team of Twitter users will also flag help questions seasoned from their communities through Retweets.

Iowa-@ Willwilkinson.  Blogs about American politics for the Economist.Minnesota-@ Kara_McGuire.  Personal finance columnist in the Minneapolis Star Tribune.Illinois-@ RamanChadha.  Professor at DePaul University Coleman entrepreneurship Center.North Carolina @ Steven_norton.  Former @ Dailytarheel editor in Chief. He is a senior at UNC and this summer is a business internship with @ Theobserver.Louisiana-@ KimQuillenTP. Business editor at the Times-Picayune.California-@ AssignmentDesk1. Online content producer for North County times in California.New Hampshire @ DrewHampshire.  Editorial page editor at the NH Union Leader.At uppercase @ Modeledbehavior.  Karl Smith is an Assistant Professor of Econ in UNC and a business blogger.

A team of Twitter is using above inputs, select questions during the event. Furthermore, Twitter questions has selected in the hours before the event from the pool since last Thursday asked questions.

Background graphics monitors

There are two different visualisation shows.  One shows that placed show the United States with points and appear across the country. The points represent tweets, as questions on the economy in different categories, including employment, education, budget and housing and control.  The other visualization tracks the relative percentage of questions on various jobs, education, household and housing and control.  Updated both visualizations are real time during the event.

Contact the White House initiative on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in a discussion on the Federal Republic's efforts to promote sustainable communities, promote to support innovation and economic growth at.

HUD Takes the Test and Takes Control on June 27 for National HIV Testing Day

As a strong supporter of the HIV/AIDS awareness in the community, the Center for faith-based and neighborhood partnerships on HUD participated in this year's "make the test, take control" campaign.

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Austan Goolsbee, Chairman of the Council of economic advisers, discusses employment numbers until June.

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