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Activism and protests

Tom Cronin sent this to me.
This blog stirs up kind of some feelings that I have, participating in protests in the past three years.
It is one thing that I remember from some commercial me and so goes "Your friends are staying in the lines, the lines". I remember not what commercial, only these.
And many protests, which I have been similar to this. Some organizers would talk in a megaphone and please everyone in the rows to stay.
When taxi drivers "Drive by ticketing" from the PPA protested, they stop market Street to 31st Street, the PPA Central. There was not much press. Then she went to the ninth and Filbert, site of the PPA hearing room for parking tickets, and they close the whole area. Taxi drivers parked 2 lanes deep on 9th Street and blocked Filbert Street. That is, where I was, and can only imagine what it was on the market and Arch streets.
Would be civil affairs officers were to tell the taxi driver to move or she arrested and dragged. They refused.
Civil Affairs asked the responsible was a, so I told one that I was with TWA. He repeated to me that move it or else. I told him that my wife and children gave me permission be arrested. Then, he says, "There is a better way, which could do this to you". "No," replied I, "are they not listen to us".
Immediately, he ordered the officers to stay in the cabins. You opened Filbert Street and let the cabin Park in the middle.
Shortly thereafter, Ron Blount came up with some other organizers and captain who asked police when Ron is about it.
Since then, complaints of taxi drivers have on ticketing virtually disappeared. In fact, I have personally experienced, more than once taxi drivers talk of PPA ticket writers like friends. You have cleaned some of our cab stands that were often used by limousines, buses and cars.

If we had the prayer meeting in 31 and market, the PPA Central, showed up recently for the taxi drivers, who have been cheated in showing up on the PPA for a refund and were arrested by ICE media. You thought that we be there in force. It was only a meeting/protest.

The point is, and the only point is that "Your friends are staying in the lines, the lines" is not true.


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I wrote this and posted in several blogs, including OpEdNews:

Originally posted on the PoliZeros.

Last Saturday I went to a protest in Philadelphia, and it was more than somewhat daunting. It was spying on innocent civilians and activists against the wars and various other injustices, with special focus on the most recent FBI raids by peace activists and Pennsylvania homeland security.

At the end of it kind of only I felt "how much moral outrage can muster a person?" like the megaphone up and questions, "There are more people handing out flyers here as not, and with this country so many disgusting, outrageous acts, I you blame not." I will not lie, I handed over a few from me. But the contrast between the righteous causes in the speeches of the signs and so on the plane presented and, as a fellow of protester told me was "complete lack of solidarity".

But I don't think that we protest should be stopped or that we are another way of activists (although protest, is by no means the only way, an activist be) must be found. Old fashioned protests always worked have, and they will continue to work. But what I went to Saturday, and it is similar to how many other antiwar protests that I have, and I am sure it is similar to how many other demonstrations of progressive, PSE and the like was too lethargic, focused on recruitment for outside groups (such as the Coalition response as Bob has is on before), and passive, take anything other than serve as a broad-based to do supporters of peace.

The only thing that we down a bike lane and half belonged to a street in the business district of Philadelphia. No one had really maintained, although we have probably upset some positive honks of drivers and some of them. Maybe the new slogan of the anti-war movement could be: "We become easily up to the wars, the Empire, the torture, spying, that inconvenience and the General disrespect to life is ecological destruction!"

When I got home, I saw this video on the blog Docudharma, which exacerbated my feelings only:

In France, the nation is shut down. Why? Because increased the retirement age by two years. Even then, it would be three years younger than what it is in America! Not to forget, similar protests happened all over Europe.

In the comments on Docudharma I said I am somewhat similar to, and I have a good response from users activist guy. Read the whole thing here, but basically he said screw the licences or March at night and bang on pots and pans or go through areas where this people instead of the business district are affected. And he is right. The protests in Europe are for the most part, non-violent. Yet they are incredibly effectively their numbers and their tactics.

At the moment, numbers have not the anti-war movement. Neither do most movements because we a very passive became nation. So we must use the numbers that we have, which either through coordinated civil disobedience (get not only for show arrested, but in fact impact on other lives, things like blocking road without permission) or well organised protests to emulate the groups such as the militant Wobblies, incredibly effectively used their small numbers. In any case, we have again the energy. This is what will bring people in movements, and they show that the alternative to the failure of Washington is not out copping and still stand, but taking policy into their own hands.

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